"Gaia is a very special place, somewhere to escape the stresses of the everyday world and rebuild oneself from the inside out - spiritually, mentally and physically. The people are also very special as they seem to know intuitively what you need before you even ask. The food is also out of this world with gourmet meals that are actually good for you too. The only problem with Gaia is that you never want to leave."

- Deborah Thomas
Editor, In-Chief
Australian Womens Weekly

"WOW! What a fabulous couple of days. As I told you this afternoon, it has been a long while since I've enjoyed any visit as much as this one. I've arrived back in Sydney feeling wonderfully refreshed and energised."
- Winsor Dobson,
Food/ Travel Writer 

"When I have to tuck myself away for a few days my thoughts turn to Gaia . The finding of sanctuary at Gaia is easy, if feels like home without any have-to's."
- Kirien Withers, Spa Guru 

"It was so much more than the most incredible spa treatment I have ever experienced, it was life changing. Not only will I be going back, I will be gifting my friends and family the opportunity to soothe their body and soul. Gaia offers the greatest variety of healing therapies that I have ever encountered. It’s truly Nirvana."
- Terri Irwin, AM

"When life moves so fast and with communications being so accessible to work, for me, just finding the time to connect back to your mind, body and soul to nourish and heal from the fast pace is so important. Personally that's when I feel I can be my most creative again. To find a sanctuary, a place you can completely give into the surroundings where it feels peaceful and warm amongst the stars, next to the trees is so special. I had a magical time at Gaia, a place on earth you feel free to be you and to connect back to the universe. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and the people are so friendly and charming, you won't want to leave!  Very importantly if I where you, don't even think about skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner- it’s too good to miss."
- Delta Goodrem

"I’ve been to many luxury hotels before but none that combine luxury, health and spirit that touches you like Gaia does. As one of the other guests mentioned to me, “I’ve just texted my family back home to let them know I’m in paradise!” – it is truly a gentle slice of heaven. What they have created at Gaia is a homage to the beauty of nature. The created environment is so in tune with the incredible landscape and powerful energy alive in this magical area of Australia, it makes you sigh with relief.
Walking in the room felt like entering a cocoon where the body melts into a time for softness and oneness with self. The harmony of colors and textures in the space gives a gentle reminder of our oneness with the beauty of the life-filled natural environment outside.
We all need our little hole where we can become whole – Gaia provides that nurturing cocoon by sharing and celebrating the earth’s gifts. Being there nurtured by the space and the skill and space the talented natural therapists hold, we are gently reminded of our gratitude for our link to the whole of nature and the beauty for which we are all custodians."
- Karen Knowles, singer