Harivihar Heritage Home

"PERFECT! Beautiful house, marvelous garden and very kind host family. Thank you for all."
- Alain Grand Jean and family, Switzerlan.

This 150-year-old royal heritage homestead near Calicut has an ancient ambience amongst tranquil gardens. The team of dedicated Ayurvedic experts and vedic scholars make this a truly traditional Ayurvedic experience. Harivihar is distinguished as the only heritage homestead awarded the prestigious Green Leaf certification by the Kerala government.

Resort Region

Set in the serene outskirts of Calicut, Harivihar is only 28 kms from Calicut International airport.

Map is at the bottom of the page.


  1. Air:   Calicut International airport is 28 kms away.
  2. Train: The railway station is 4 kms away and connected to all major railway stations in India.
  3. The road is well connected to all major cities.


Tasty traditional Kerala cuisine is modified to nourish and balance each individual patient's requirements.   All meals are vegetarian. Alcoholic beverages are not available.

Resort Facilities

Harivihar was originally home to Kerala's Kadathanad Royal Family. The heritage building has eight rooms in total including six double rooms and two single rooms. The centre can accommodate a total of fourteen guests. A traditional bathing pond reflects the lush landscape. There is a dining room and an extensive library.

Room Facilities

Ensuite with western toilet
Refreshment facilities.

Extra Chargeable Services

Child care

Ayurvedic Experts

Ayurvedic treatment at Harivihar is managed by a team of Ayurvedic health care professionals who have rich experience in the field. The team is led by

Dr. K.K.V. Mali, B.A.M.S. is practicing sice 1990. He graduated from the prestigious Coimbatore Arya Vaidya Pharmacy where he studied under the gurukula system. He hails from a traditional Ayurveda Vaidya family and his father and grandfather were illustrious vaidyans in their own right. His areas of special interest include Panchakarma chikitsa, Uttaravasty chikitsa which is very effective for infertility and sexual dysfunction. Apart from Dr. Mali, the other Ayurvedic visiting consultant at Harivihar is Dr. Ramakrishnan, B.A.M.S.

The Ayurvedic doctors are ably assisted by a team of therapists, both male and female. Mr.Narayana Menon, who had a very long stint at Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Mr.Biju and Mr.Sajeevan as well as Mrs.Swapna and Mrs.Reeja are well trained in imparting quality Ayurveda treatment.

Ayurvedic Therapies for specific conditions-

All Ayurvedic therapies are available at Harivihar. A minimum treatment duration is recommended for the following-

Shiro Dhara ( Duration - 7 to 21 days )

Medicated oil is poured slowly over the forehead. Shiro Dhara is highly beneficial in treating headaches, mental tension, Insomnia, stress and disorders of the central nervous system. Medicated oil is also poured onto the body, which is beneficial in curing neuromuscular disorders, rheumatism and general debility.

Pizhichil (Duration - 7 to 21 days)

A piece of cotton is soaked in medicated oil, squeezed and poured over the body. This is highly beneficial in curing spondylitis, hemiplegia, and arthritis. It is immensely rejuvenating.

Navarakkizhi (Duration - 7 to 21 days)

This is a massage treatment using a bundle of cooked rice. It is a great revitaliser particularly useful in emaciated conditions like muscular degeneration associated with neuromuscular disorders, rheumatism and burning sensation of the body.

Shirovasti (Duration - 7 days)

Medicated oil is poured into a tall leather cap that retains the oil on the head. This cures headaches, hair loss, and diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.

Kizhi (Duration - 7 to 21 days)

A cloth bundle containing medicinal leaves and powders is used to massage the body. It is useful in muscular - skeletal disorders, degenerative disorders and neurological problems. It boosts blood circulation and increases energy.

Best Seasons to Stay

August- April end

Local Attractions

  • Kappad Beach- 12 km away
  • Calicut Beach- 2 km away
  • Moodadi Beach - 26km away
  • Backwaters - korapuzha/chemanchery boat cruises- 18Km away
  • Kalari martial art school called C.V.N Kalari
  • Kuttichira mosque
  • Thali temple
  • Parsi temple
  • art gallery/tribal museum/pazhassiraja museum
  • Shopping in Calicut for textiles, gold, silver and handicrafts
  • Comtrust textile loom
  • Tesela weaving centre
  • Swaraj loom
  • Ancient spice market
  • Temple festivals (seasonal)


  • Sight seeing and shopping trips.
  • Trips to nearby scenic backwater and beaches on request.
  • Morning walking tours.
  • Cultural shows and Kalari visits on request.

Special Courses

Harivihar offers short courses of one to two weeks duration on various subjects pertaining to Indian traditions, philosophy, culture and art. The courses are conducted strictly for resident guests by the eminent faculty in the respective fields. A minimum of six participants are needed for each course. The course duration for each subject will is one hour daily for 7-14 days.

The courses include

Yoga - Basic and Advanced courses

  1. Indian Astrology
  2. Vastu - the Indian traditional science and philosophy of architecture .
  3. Sanskrit - the "devabhasha" or the language of the gods.
  4. Bhagavat Gita and Vedas - the pinnacle of Hindu wisdom and philosophy.
  5. Tantras - the tantric art and path to attain nirvana
  6. Mural painting - traditional Kerala mural painting.


  1. Dr Thyagarajan is a retired professor of surgery , he is a scholar of the vedas , Bhagavad-gita and Sanskrit.
  2. Dr Krishnadas is a postgraduate in biochemistry , he is well versed in the   astrological sciences.
  3. Narayanan Namboothiri is an engineer by profession, he is an authority on astrolology and vasthu.
  4. Mr Patel Prabhakaran is a scholar of the Bhagavad-gita and Vedas.
  5. Mr Sarat Kumar is a dedicated yoga master at the sivananda international yoga centre.
  6. Dr Krishnakumar an ayurvedic doctor and a scholar in tantric sciences.
  7. Mr Balagovindan is a scholar in Vastu Shastra.
  8. Mr Gopi Chevayoor is a reknown his mural painting artist.

Please note that at least   two months notice is necessary to organize these courses.

Check- In Time :     11am    

Check- Out Time : 12 noon


Email reservations@ayurvedahealthresorts.com with your preferred dates.

Bookings have to be made well in advance (minimum 15 days).

We will contact you with payment details once the reservation is finalised.


Guest comments

"Please don't change anything. It is perfect."
- Alain de la place Francoise (France), 19-04-05 to 2-05-05

"A nice opportunity to know and enter in the wonderland of this beautiful house and enjoy the highest hospitality."
- Fabrice &Marie Moskoff (France),   28-02-05- to 2-03-05

"We had a fantastic stay at Harivihar and a very thorough massage. We enjoyed the garden, the house, the food!! Discovering Calicut's charms and the interesting conversations over dinner. Thank you so much. Hope to see you again." - Chritian Gotsch &Marie (UK), 4-01-05 to 7-01-05

"Thank you very much, our dear hosts and the nice staff. We had a great time here. I felt being at home, easy, happy and warm! You have a great place here. Hope to see you again."
- Alexander Reebock & Pollina (Russia), 25-12-04 to 13 -01-05.

"This is a beautiful place. The food and the service were excellent. Thank you for the time and effort you spent on making our stay so interesting." - Jim & Jannet Kennan (Australia)

"We enjoyed the tranquility and the overwhelming hospitality. We also liked the food very much. We shall recommend you further. Thank you very much." - Helga &Hans Ham Bucker (Germany)

"What a discovery! We arrived by chance and stayed twice as long as we intended. A rare and delightful house, family and team." - Steve & Nikki (Belgium)

"Harivihar! The treasure of Calicut!   We feel like at home here. Thank you for your warm welcome, your kindness, smiles.....We have only one wish-to come back again." - Dagma & Joseph, Switzerland (16-07-06 to 31-07-06)

51 things to do at Harivihar

1. Wake up to a new beginning: As you wake up listen to the chirping of birds and the strands of music wafting through the air from the nearby temple.

2. Enjoy the world's best breakfast: Breakfast dishes of Kerala, especially Puttu-Kadala, Uppuma and Appam-Vegetable stew have been internationally recognised as the best breakfast dishes in the world. (Travel & Leisure Magazine)

3. Sip tender coconut: Nutritious, ideal thirst quencher for all seasons. Say goodbye to artificial drinks!

4. Feast on a Sadya: Kerala Sadya is a multi-course feast of rice, 10-15 vegetarian dishes, pickles, crunchy chips, pappads, plantains and payasams, all served in a plantain leaf.

5. Try wearing a Kerala Sari: Our hostess will teach you how to wear a traditional sari - 5 metres of fine off white cotton edged with golden zaree. These are specially woven on a traditional handloom.

6. Add spice to your life: Visit Valiangadi - the centre of the spice trade and take home a bag full of those aromatic spices.

7. Wear jasmine in your hair: Our hostess will teach you how to thread a jasmine garland and wear it in your hair. Pose for a photograph with the new garland.

8. Try kappa puzhukku & Thiruvathira puzhukku: Tapioca (kappa) is the staple food of many Keralites. Thiruvathira puzhukku is a special dish made only for thiruvathira.

9. Ride a canoe: Visit a nearby backwater village (18km) and drift along the serene back waters in a country canoe. Wave at cheerful villagers on the banks.

10. Watch birds: Our traditional bathing pond and its green environs attract birds like the eagle, king fisher, woodpecker, mynah, etc. 11. Make a Ona-pookkallam:

During Onam, the festival season in Kerala (Aug-Sep), women folk make impressive floral decorations in front of their homes to welcome back Maveli, our erstwhile ruler, as per mythology.

12. Shop for Souvenirs: Calicut has a number of handicraft centres selling reasonably priced artefacts in wood, coir, bamboo and cane as well as jewellery.

13. Splash in the rains: The invigorating monsoon will cleanse you and rejuvenate you. Listen to the pitter-patter of the rainfall on the roof. Get drenched!

14. Taste uppumanga: Uppumanga is tender mango preserved in brine.

15. Get an Ayurvedic massage: Harivihar offers the   full range of Ayurvedic treatments under the expert guidance of Dr. Mali. Ask our host to meet our doctor and chalk out a treatment plan according to your constitution.

16. Go for a Malayalam Movie: Visit a local cinema theatre with the host and hostess and see a Malayalam movie.

17. Visit a jewellery shop: Calicut has a dozen of jewellery boutiques, selling traditional jewellery - gold and silver - with intricate worksmanship.

18. Lend ear to temple music: Listen to the blend of edakka, madhalam and timla played daily at the nearby temple. See an audiovisual presentation of panchavadyam.

19. Visit the local market.

20. Go bananas: Try red, green and yellow bananas. Learn to make banana chips from our cook.

21. Travel in an auto rickshaw: Have a jaunty ride in this three-wheeled taxi painted yellow and black.

22. Visit a fortune teller: Palmists and Astrologers are seen in many nooks and corners of Calicut.

23. Learn Yoga: Harivihar offers basic and advanced Yoga courses, taught by expert yoga teachers from the Sivananda Yoga Centre.

24. Stroll through Sweet-Meat street: Mittai street, as it is locally known is famous for its sweet meat shops selling delectable halwas and jilebis.

25. Visit Kappad beach: This is where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498 with his men in three vessels. There is an 800-year-old temple nearby.

26. Try some crunchy snacks: Taste ethakka chips, chakka varutta, kuzhallappam and achappam all set to make your mouth water for more.

27. Visit Kalari: Kalaripayattu, the marital art form of Kerala is the oldest and most scientific in the world. Visit students practice in a nearby kalari hall.

28. See the sunset on the Arabian Sea: Calicut Beach with its historic pier and lighthouse is an ideal place to watch the sun sink into the majestic depths of the Arabian sea.

29. Watch Uru-making: Visit Beypore, the land where the legendary uru, the old maritime shipping vessel, is still being made.

30. Visit Thusharagiri water falls: Thusharagiri, 50km from Calicut, abounds in nature's bounties. Bath in the crystal clear waters, cascading down the mountains.

31. Cook in earthenware: Learn traditional cooking in earthenware pots. Our cook can teach you to make traditional Kerala dishes and you surprise your friends back home with your new culinary talents.

32. Learn a dance step: Our hostess could teach you a step or two of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam, the local colourful dance form.

33. See Kathakali: See nightly audio-video presentations of Kathakali, Mohiniattam,Ottam thullal and Chakiar kuthu.

34. Taste payasam: Payasam a desert made either with sugar and milk or with jaggery. It can be taken hot or cold. Learn to make it too!

35. Watch Thira: Visits can be arranged to the local temple festivals during season, where one can watch thira, an old ritual art form.

36. Apply coconut hair oil: Massage coconut hair oil into your scalp and take a bath. This is the secret of the long lustrous black hair of the malayali women.

37. Learn Malayalam: Malayalam, Keralas own language has 56 alphabets. Try rolling the words off your tongue.

38. Star gaze: Visit the planetorium nearby and experience the wonders of the universe.

39. Picnic to Parappally: Parappally is a nearby (20km) scenic beach side hillock from where you can see miles and miles of the sea. Ideal for great photos!

40. Use a palmyra fan: These are made of palm fronds, bamboo split and grass and come in handy any time of the day. You could put it as a show piece.

41. Browse through the Museum: Pazhasiraja Museum and Krishna Menon Museum are located in Calicut and pay full tribute to outstanding crafts. Also visit KIRTADS Museum which showpiece tribal art.

42. Watch Thiruvathira: Watch our hostess and her friends perform the dance form, clad in Kerala sarees, singing and moving elegantly around a ceremonial lamp.

43. Visit Heritage sites: Thali temple, Kuttichira Mosque and Varakkal Temple are located close by and offer a peep into the history of the Kerala architecture.

44. Visit a country side property: 18km from Calicut is Chemanchery, a green rustic village, with backwaters and placid lagoons beckoning you.

45. Splash about in the Kulam: The traditional bathing pool called Kulam is ideal for cool dips.

46. Discuss Indian philosophy: And learn about Ayuredic principles and Ayurvedic way of approaching life from the doctor.

47. Borrow a book: Visit the local library with the host and borrow a book. You could read it in the quiet shade of a tree, with nothing to distract you except the chirping of the birds.

48. Practice to wear a dhoti and jubbah: Traditional dress of Kerala's men folk.

49. Savour nectar: Hold the tip of a banana inflorescence (Koombu) to your mouth and suck the sweat nectar.

50. Visit traditional looms and tile factories.

51. See Vishukkani: Vishu, the beginning of Malayalam New Year comes in April every year. The previous day, women folk sets vishukani, which is to be seen first thing in the morning by all the household members.