How vaidyagrāma uses and
respects the five universal elements

EARTH (pRthvI)

  1. the element EARTH is primarily known through the sense of SMELL
  2. the aroma in vaidyagrāma is mostly natural and earthy; synthetic aromas are completely avoided;
  3. even the oils and other medicines retain the natural aroma of the herbsthe construction is primarily using the soil from the same land
  4. the soil that is made available after the excavation process for the foundations of the buildings are mixed in the appropriate proportion with quarry dust and a little cement and made into the blocks that make up the walls of the building
  5. farming at vaidyagrāma follows the natural farming techniques; no use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides; at most we use the urine and dung of cows and the composted vegetable waste as manure

WATER (jala)

  1. the element WATER is primarily known through the sense of TASTE
  2. rainwater harvesting has commenced from the day we procured this land
  3. the entire construction has been done using the water from our own land
  4. the water for construction has been medicated using herbs like neem, turmeric and kadukkai
  5. all grey and black water is being treated and recycled appropriately
  6. water is treated with ginger, cumin, wild cherry (padmaka) and other such herbs which render the water safe for drinking and cooking

FIRE (tejas)

  1. the element FIRE is primarily known through the sense of SIGHT
  2. the soil blocks are machine-pressed and sun-dried, thus avoiding the considerable environmental pollution that is caused in the brick-making process
  3. natural light is used wherever possible and minimum dependence is there on sources of artificial light
  4. renewable sources of energy like charcoal, biomass, biogas, solar and wind are being experimented with for all our energy requirement

AIR (vAyu)

  1. the element AIR is known through the sense of TOUCH
  2. natural ventilation has been encouraged in all the spaces
  3. we prefer to avoid air-conditioning; and at some stage, would look forward to minimizing the use of fans also
  4. the design of the building and materials used ensures that there is a drop of around 4 degrees from the outside temperature; as the trees grow, the temperature will surely be pleasant all year round


  1. the element SPACE is best known through the sense of SOUND
  2. vaidyagrāma is so located that the sound of vehicles and other “city sounds” are virtually cut off
  3. there will be the natural sounds like a cow mooing or a dog barking or a baby crying; vaidyagrāma enables one to become more aware and sensitive to these natural sounds

Thus, by retaining the natural Elements as much as possible, vaidyagrāma continues to endeavour to strike a balance, to create an optimum healing environment. Some tips that will help your stay at vaidyagrāma become more fruitful . . .


  1. Be prepared to change mindsets while you are in vaidyagrāma – there is nothing that is universally right or universally wrong; while here, it does not matter if accepted conventions are not followed; you can rest assured that your health will not be compromised and hence the earlier you shed all pre-conceived notions, the more beneficial it will be for you
  2. Many a time, the treatment leads to agitation over small issues; the sooner you hand those issues over to your physician and forget about them, the better it is for your healing
  3. Your treatment is most important and do not allow any incident to distract from it
  4. During the treatment, the cleansing happens at the physical and mental levels. Emotions may come up – allow them to come up and flow out. Do not suppress. Become the witness and watch what is happening to you. Where necessary, seek the help of your physician in this process.


  1. Retreating into yourself is a good way to activate and catalyze the healing process.
  2. The less you talk, the better the healing effect.
  3. Silence is a powerful way to allow you to become comfortable being totally in your presence.
  4. Use this opportunity to speak as little and as softly as possible.
  5. Make silence in thought, word and deed one of the objectives of your healing stay.


  1. Do not worry about punctuality… if IST stands for Indian Stretchable Time, so be it… it is vaidyagrāma’s need to be punctual and worry about time…not yours.
  2. Yes... if you are really hungry, please ask for your food…. Do not ask for your food because it is time.
  3. Nature has created us such that we be active between sunrise and sunset and slow down activity and rest between sunset and sunrise… Your stay at vaidyagrāma is a good opportunity to attempt to go Nature’s way…if you go to bed early, you can also wake up early and feel the sunrise…it can be very healing for you.

A typical daily routine that may be good for you could be as follows . . .

  1. 5-6am – waking up with sunrise
  2. morning ablutions – use only essential water
  3. morning medicine
  4. essential meditation & prayers; observing nature
  5. listening to healing music / discourses / mantras
  6. breakfast when hungry (or generally between 7.30 and 9am)
  7. prescribed treatments – either before breakfast; or at least 90 minutes after breakfast
  8. rest for 30 minutes after treatment
  9. spending time with your Ayurveda physician – discussing with him/her about your current problems, diet, lifestyle, changes that may be needed, psychological state
  10. making garlands, painting, observing Nature
  11. lunch when hungry (or generally between 12.30 and 2pm)
  12. after lunch medicines, if any
  13. walking 100 steps after lunch to facilitate digestion
  14. lying on the left side for 30 minutes again to facilitate digestion
  15. do not sleep during the daytime – only rest
  16. listen to healing music/discourses/mantras
  17. observing Nature – focus on the growing herbs and shrubs and trees, the mountains in the distance, the sun, the rains, the clouds – see all that you have only looked at before
  18. evening treatments, if any
  19. time with your Ayurveda physician
  20. evening medicines, if any
  21. watch sunset
  22. have food after sunset
  23. post dinner medicines, if any
  24. walk 100 steps after food; and then lie on the left side for at least 30 minutes to facilitate digestion
  25. going to bed between 8 and 10 pm

5) The above can be kept very flexible and simple; the whole idea is to do as little as possible and spend as much time as possible with your own self – this is the best way to facilitate the healing process


  1. Do try to avoid reading & writing after sunset…this is the time to do some prayers/meditation, take food and then to take as much rest as possible
  2. vaidyagrāma attempts to facilitate this by giving you minimal light after sunset; thus, you are benefitted and further, you are also contributing to conservation of energy
  3. We request you to minimize the use of mobile phones and computers during the treatment – by doing so, you are contributing to your own healing process, and also to being more environment-friendly. We understand your need to be in touch with your friends and family. But do remember that the purpose of your being here is to change your environment at least temporarily till you are healed. Spending less than 30 minutes every day on computer and telephone would help you see the benefits in less than 2 weeks.
  4. We have also deliberately avoided providing you with any television in your rooms. The less you use your eyes for reading or watching TV, the better for you.


  1. At vaidyagrāma, we would prefer to avoid using anything disposable; everything is re-used. If you are not comfortable with this, you could request for a separate set comprising of –
    1. Stainless steel plate - 1 no
    2. Stainless steel glass - 1 no
    3. Vacuum flask -1 liter - 1 no
    4. Stainless steel medicine glass - 2 no.s
    5. Stainless steel spoons - 2 nos
    6. Treatment robe - 2 nos
    7. Bed sheets - 3 nos
    8. Pillow covers - 3 nos
  2. Quilt covers - 2 nosThe above set will be billed to you separately and you could take it back with you when you leave vaidyagrāma, or donate it to the common pool whichever is convenient for you.
  3. While your loin cloth is disposed every day, we would prefer to re-use your treatment towels after marking your name on the towel. If you prefer fresh towels every day, do not hesitate to let us know – it will be provided and billed to you separately


  1. We do not believe in the sterile concept of a modern hospital.
  2. We believe that the necessity is to build our immunity to levels wherein we are unaffected by microbes, viruses & bacteria
  3. However we also believe that we should not be foolhardy and test our levels of immunity especially during the treatment – hence the less we go outside the better it is for every patient
  4. We are gradually moving towards the use of non-chemical cleaning agents and detergents. While this may create problems initially, we are convinced that this is important in our desire to be as environment friendly as possible.
  5. As you may have noticed, our structures are natural and rough and do not have the smooth finish that lends itself to easy cleaning. There will always be soil particles in the joints in the walls or on any horizontal surface – please do not worry about them. Your immune system is not affected by natural soil particles; it is more affected by unnatural dust and other elements of pollution most of which cannot be found on our campus


  1. Insects are a part of the eco-system and need to be protected to help maintain Nature’s balance. It is our endeavor and desire not to kill insects. While all the rooms are provided with insect screens, there may be a few that still find their way into the rooms. Please do let us know and we will find ways to deal with them appropriately
  2. To optimise the healing, we need to rest our body. Hence, patients are generally advised to stay out of heat, wind and cold and hence stay indoors through the entire treatment process. Protection from Nature’s Elements forms an important part of the treatment program. If you desire to move around and the physician permits you, we request you to carry a torch and an umbrella and to walk carefully; there are many insects and reptiles on our campus and you want to be sure that you do not harm any of them
  3. If you need mosquito nets over your bed, please inform us and we will certainly arrange the same


  1. Minimum exposure to artificial noise is advised during the treatment – while the sound of a cow mooing or a baby crying is music to most ears, vehicle noise, loud music and other such noise is not really good. We are trying our best to minimize your exposure to any such “unnatural” noise; in fact on completion of the construction process of phase I, we will be keeping all vehicles completely outside this healing space
  2. We suggest that you avoid the use of earphones as much as possible – it certainly does not help your treatment. If you must use earphones, please use it for an hour or under daily.
  3. We also suggest listening to high quality tracks (aiff, wave, ogg etc.) of healing music, discourses, instrumental music, mantra chanting – this is very good during the treatment from a cd player with speakers.
  4. By talking less and in soft tones, you are being respectful to the other patients as also to your own self. Let us all keep reminding ourselves of the need to keep noise levels to the minimum.
  5. Practicing silence for few hours a day accelerate healing. You can spend this time writing, meditating or being in the nature as well.

11)    FOOD

  1. Body spends around 70% of its energy on digesting one meal. When you eat a small meal, there will be left over energy which will be spent on healing - making it faster and more complete. In advanced treatment programs like Panchakarma (internal herbs and deep therapies), Ayurveda recommends a light diet and maximum rest simultaneously.
  2. In other words, the focus during treatment is on healing; and hence it is important that there is absolutely no distraction. So, food during the therapies is generally easy on the stomach.
  3. You get all the nutrition you need from the herbs and other internal medicines that are given to you. Also you require less nutrition as you are stress-free and resting in all levels.
  4. You and your doctor will discuss about what suits you based on your requirement and digestive symptoms.
  5. Do not allow your mind to get distracted by the lack of variety in food; while “variety may be the spice of life”, vaidyagrāma prefers to follow the principle “eating to live rather than living to eat”.


  1. You will be happy to know that we are using the waste oil generated from your treatment to make the “diyas” or “earthen candles”
  2. These earthen candles are lit here every evening and placed in your rooms too;
  3. if you would like to purchase these “diyas” please do let us know in advance, and we will certainly do the needful


  1. Last but not the least, do surrender to the treatment. Surrenderance comes from understanding the purpose and process of your treatment. Your doctor will be happy to explain it to you.
  2. Remember that there is nothing mystical or ethereal about this process.
  3. Allow your physician to take complete charge and see the effect.
  4. For some, the effect will come sooner than later. Remember that the abuse of a lifetime is not easily mitigated and hence the effects vary from person to person.
  5. What is more important is to become aware, to allow the shift to take place; the healing will follow on automatically from there.

14) Some other initiatives that we have taken in the interest of your well-being and in the interest of environmental well-being include . . .

  1. using non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitting water based paints
  2. using herbal anti-termite treatment for the entire building
  3. minimizing the use of petro-chemicals to the maximum extent possible
  4. conducting fire rituals to purify the environment, to restore balance wherever we have made mistakes and to pray for everybody’s well being on a periodic basis
  5. moving towards the use of handmade / recycled paper in all our written communication
  6. reducing the use of plastic
  7. moving towards the use of jute and paper packing wherever possible

This is a beginning in trying to communicate the importance of being environment-friendly and its relevance to the state of our wellness. This is certainly not complete and more will be added as we go along. We view this as an evolutionary journey for each and every one of whether resident or patient.

We welcome your views and suggestions in areas where we can improve/develop. We reiterate that we are not perfect – we are continually learning and growing; and in the process sharing whatever we have learnt.

This is an opportunity for you to change patterns; and to see the benefit of a changed pattern. For all you know, you may choose to adopt many aspects of this new lifestyle when you go back home. For by becoming more aware of the environment and its impact on your health, the tendency to use many of these new age devices will reduce considerably.


Retreat Region
• Just 25 kms or a 40 minute drive from Coimbatore International Airport, Tamil Nadu, South India.
• Nestled amongst 20 acres of rural land lush natural farm (Ayurvedic herbs, organic fruits and flowering trees).

How to get there
BY AIR: Fly into Coimbatore International Airport from all major Indian airports or with Silkair from Singapore.
BY TRAIN: Coimbatore has a well-connected railway station with train connections to most major cities across India. It is a one hour drive from Coimbatore railway station.

Visitor comments

Vaidyagrāma – this is a place of vision with the true spirit to heal, for the well-being of humanity and with the undiluted philosophy of the science of Ayurveda and a balanced sense of ecology.
- Ms. Nirmala Rudra,
New Delhi

I have been blessed to have been in Vaidyagrama for my treatment. The love, care and encouragement I got have made my stay here totally wonderful and memorable. Dr. Ramadas, I could not have done it without you. As I leave, I leave as a happy, healthy and vibrant person. You have saved my life, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
- Ms. LathaBalan, Malaysia

To vaidyagrama... Namaste. Wonderful experience, best set up, fantastic personalities and so much love to give. Please continue and let us share all this wonder.
- Ms. Alexandra,

Thanks vaidyagrama!
Our time here at vaidyagrama was very restorative and inspiring. We greatly appreciate you and the Vision that is transpiring here.
Your staff is diligent and sincere, and the location is a veritable garden of serenity.
- Dr. Scott Blossom
& Dr. Robert Svoboda

The people are what really make the place, and after spending 3 months at vaidyagrama, I am starting to agree with what others think of Keralites – that they are extra special. Everybody here has been very generous, conscientious, friendly… May this vaidyagrama, Punarnava Ayurveda and all people involved be blessed many times over.
With best regards and deep gratitude,
- Ms. Jahnavi,

All I can say is that it is my heartfelt desire that such an environment must grow and grow and really attract true seekers of knowledge….
- Ms. Kavita Madhok, Jaipur, India.

Here at vaidyagrama, I am blessed & feel privileged to call it my own, my Ayurveda home. The seeds sprouting here shall bring the fragrance of hope, joy and healing to the world. May all beings be happy! With love unbounded,
- Tim Mitchell,
Australia (Web)

With the grace of Lord Badri Vishal, I had an excellent treatment in vaidyagrâma. On this occasion, O pray to the Lord & Maa Mahalakshmi to shower their Divine Grace to this Vaidyagrâma and all the members.
- Badari Prasad Namboodiri, ex-chief priest of Badrinath Temple, Himalayas

Thank you very much for giving me a unique experience of love and care during my four week stay at vaidyagrama. Continue the good work & hope to see vaidyagrama set an example of highest standard in the field of Ayurveda treatments.
- Mr. E. Rajendran,

I spent 2 weeks receiving treatment at Vaidyagrâma. Dr. Ramdas is dedicated and full of warmth, and the therapists are excellent. The treatments were both relaxing and energizing, and all of the treatments were unique cultural experiences which have helped in healing me. Everyone here is very friendly and I have great respect for the environmental and spiritual vision of this place.
I hope that many people will find the healing that they need here through Panchakarma. Good luck to the Doctors, patients, technicians and everyone else who is helping to make this Vision happen
- Franz Knupfer,
Boulder, CO. USA

I have had five weeks of treatments here at Vaidyagrama and it has been wonderful and inspiring to become a part of Vaidyagrama family and Vision. After so many years of visiting Ayurveda clinics, that just did not quite seem to hold all of this wonderful science’s wisdom completely, I feel have found somewhere which, with a little more time and development, will come together in the most beautiful possible way. The world will be gifted with a gem of a clinic – my search is over. So many thanks to Dr. Ramadas and all the staff here. I will be back...
- Ms. KateTowsey,

Dearest people at Punarnava Ayurveda… I would like to thank you all for the caring and welcoming you have given me at vaidyagrama. I am deeply happy and impressed by your Vision, open hearts and your will to give authentic help/ healing to people and Mother Nature. May you all be blessed by the Divine.
Best regards & wishes,
- Richard Liljenberg, Sweden

Vaidyagrāma – this is a place of Vision with the true spirit to heal, for the well-being of humanity, and with the undiluted philosophy of the science of Ayurveda and a balanced sense of ecology. Great atmosphere with constant cheerfulness and kindness of everybody at all times. The aesthetics and greenery outside is truly sustaining. I am sure many people will benefit from the great depth of knowledge of all the Doctors, the experience of the Therapists and the spirit of the staff. I am truly grateful for all that I have received and looking forward to a long continued relationship with this institution.
-  Ms. Nirmala Rudra,
New Delhi