Vaidyagrama - Healing Village

Vaidyagrama is a visionary healing village directed by Dr. Ramkumar, an Ayurvedic doctor and teacher hailing from the famous AyurVeda Pharmacy family of South India. Vaidyagrama is the first genuinely green Ayurveda hospital which is environmentally friendly, chemical free and self-sufficient. It offers Ayurvedic care of uncompromising quality utilizing traditional methods for the full range of illnesses. Concepts of renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, bio-mass, waste water recycling and management; as also in its construction with a minimum of cement and steeland more of natural products. It will thus have minimum pollutants thus maintaining pure air & ambiance.

Sun rises in the horizon. Spice rise in the backyard.

Delicious and wholesome meals are organic, fresh and vegetarian. They are all prepared according to Ayurvedic principles to support each patient’s optimal health. Drinks are traditional herbal teas or fresh juices.

Retreat Facilities
Amenities include:
Health meals can by tasty and served with style!
  • Broadband wi-fi internet access (low charges)
  • Locked cupboard in each patient room
  • In-house laundry service
  • Doctor on 24 hr call
  • Foreign exchange service
  • Travel desk
  • 24 hrs running hot & cold water 
  • Automatic back-up generator with UPS backup

Naturally ventilated interior. Natural ventilation for the mind.

Retreat Rooms

• Vaidyagrama consists of several small retreats each managed by one specialist senior physician.
Each area has a physician’s house, therapist’s rooms and 3 patient buildings.
Each patient cottage has a bedroom, a balcony and an en suite bathroom.
The rooms are simple, in keeping with traditional ecological materials. They are comfortable, even without air-conditioning as that is considered detrimental to the health. However they do have fans and windows.

Room Facilities
• Twin beds in each room
Mosquito nets for the beds in addition to netted doors and windows
Natural fumigation of rooms using neem
Cupboard, tables and chairs
Comfortable seating in the balcony to enjoy the natural panorama.
Hot drink making facilities

Complementary Services
•    Use of a small library of books and CDs
•    Daily house-keeping
•    Food and medicines served in the rooms
•    Running errands from the city

Extra Chargeable Services
•    Activities or tours to city
•    Laundry
•    Childcare
•    Take home medicines
•    Telephone
•    Astrological consultation
•    Cooking classes

Ayurveda Experts
Vaidyagrama’s Ayurveda team is led by Dr Ramdas, a third-generation physician from Kerala. Dr Ramdas has 20 years of clinical experience and is also trained in counseling.
Therapists are thoroughly trained by respectable Ayurveda centres in Kerala or Tamil Nadu.

Dr Ramdas, chief physician with his 11 month old girl (2010 Jan)

Ayurveda Therapies for specific conditions
All classical and Ayurvedic treatments are available and will be prescribed by the Ayurvedic physician after the initial consultation. Daily consultations with the doctor ensure all progress is monitored. For a menu and explanation of possible treatments please see-

Endless backyard. Seamless nature.

Best Seasons to Stay
Coimbatore has a moderate climate and hence is good for treatment throughout the year. June to mid-Feb is lovely mild weather and mid-Fe to mid-April it can be hot.

Your treatment program
Treatment commences with a consultation wherein your physicians and you get to know each other better. Accordingly an Ayurveda healing program suited to your constitution, health problems and available time is created that is upgraded on a daily basis following regular interaction.

Mural of Lord Dhanwantari, the divine healer.
The program includes herbal teas and powders, external body treatments, simple easy-to-digest vegetarian diet and lots of rest (physical and mental). Daily evaluation is done through consultation and counseling.

Your healing day
• Morning chants/meditation/pranayama/yoga
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Meeting with your physicians once/twice/thrice a day
External body treatments
Evening chants/meditation/pranayama/yoga

What to do at vaidyagrama
Short reading
Light walking
Listening to instrumental music/devotional music/motivational talks
Stress-free conversations
Preserve your energy by going to bed early,
• Chewing food thoroughly, sipping water slowly
Keeping a diary about what you are grateful about today
Helping with small things
Prayers …
Learn Sanskrit chants at the prayer / meditation session daily dawn & dusk
Indoor games
Make your own Ayurvedic candles with recycled materials (on request)
Visit the Goshala, home for the cows at Vaidyagrama
Imbibe the Green concepts such as Permaculture Natural farming, Solar heating, Biomass cooking, Mud-block construction, Rainwater harvesting, Energy Conservation, Waste recycling, Natural living*

Local Attractions
Temples in Coimbatore – dhyanalingam / perur shiva temple / saradambal koil/
Hill station - Ooty - the blue nountains
Hill station - Kotagiri are close to Coimbatore
Palakkad town in Kerala for traditional temples, shopping and sightseeing.
Excellent book stores
Shopping for clothes and homewares
South Indian vegetarian restaurants

Check-in / check-out time
24 hours


Retreat Region
• Just 25 kms or a 40 minute drive from Coimbatore International Airport, Tamil Nadu, South India.
• Nestled amongst 20 acres of rural land lush natural farm (Ayurvedic herbs, organic fruits and flowering trees).

How to get there
BY AIR: Fly into Coimbatore International Airport from all major Indian airports or with Silkair from Singapore.
BY TRAIN: Coimbatore has a well-connected railway station with train connections to most major cities across India. It is a one hour drive from Coimbatore railway station.

Visitor comments

Vaidyagrāma – this is a place of vision with the true spirit to heal, for the well-being of humanity and with the undiluted philosophy of the science of Ayurveda and a balanced sense of ecology.
- Ms. Nirmala Rudra,
New Delhi

I have been blessed to have been in Vaidyagrama for my treatment. The love, care and encouragement I got have made my stay here totally wonderful and memorable. Dr. Ramadas, I could not have done it without you. As I leave, I leave as a happy, healthy and vibrant person. You have saved my life, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
- Ms. LathaBalan, Malaysia

To vaidyagrama... Namaste. Wonderful experience, best set up, fantastic personalities and so much love to give. Please continue and let us share all this wonder.
- Ms. Alexandra,

Thanks vaidyagrama!
Our time here at vaidyagrama was very restorative and inspiring. We greatly appreciate you and the Vision that is transpiring here.
Your staff is diligent and sincere, and the location is a veritable garden of serenity.
- Dr. Scott Blossom
& Dr. Robert Svoboda

The people are what really make the place, and after spending 3 months at vaidyagrama, I am starting to agree with what others think of Keralites – that they are extra special. Everybody here has been very generous, conscientious, friendly… May this vaidyagrama, Punarnava Ayurveda and all people involved be blessed many times over.
With best regards and deep gratitude,
- Ms. Jahnavi,

All I can say is that it is my heartfelt desire that such an environment must grow and grow and really attract true seekers of knowledge….
- Ms. Kavita Madhok, Jaipur, India.

Here at vaidyagrama, I am blessed & feel privileged to call it my own, my Ayurveda home. The seeds sprouting here shall bring the fragrance of hope, joy and healing to the world. May all beings be happy! With love unbounded,
- Tim Mitchell,
Australia (Web)

With the grace of Lord Badri Vishal, I had an excellent treatment in vaidyagrâma. On this occasion, O pray to the Lord & Maa Mahalakshmi to shower their Divine Grace to this Vaidyagrâma and all the members.
- Badari Prasad Namboodiri, ex-chief priest of Badrinath Temple, Himalayas

Thank you very much for giving me a unique experience of love and care during my four week stay at vaidyagrama. Continue the good work & hope to see vaidyagrama set an example of highest standard in the field of Ayurveda treatments.
- Mr. E. Rajendran,

I spent 2 weeks receiving treatment at Vaidyagrâma. Dr. Ramdas is dedicated and full of warmth, and the therapists are excellent. The treatments were both relaxing and energizing, and all of the treatments were unique cultural experiences which have helped in healing me. Everyone here is very friendly and I have great respect for the environmental and spiritual vision of this place.
I hope that many people will find the healing that they need here through Panchakarma. Good luck to the Doctors, patients, technicians and everyone else who is helping to make this Vision happen
- Franz Knupfer,
Boulder, CO. USA

I have had five weeks of treatments here at Vaidyagrama and it has been wonderful and inspiring to become a part of Vaidyagrama family and Vision. After so many years of visiting Ayurveda clinics, that just did not quite seem to hold all of this wonderful science’s wisdom completely, I feel have found somewhere which, with a little more time and development, will come together in the most beautiful possible way. The world will be gifted with a gem of a clinic – my search is over. So many thanks to Dr. Ramadas and all the staff here. I will be back...
- Ms. KateTowsey,

Dearest people at Punarnava Ayurveda… I would like to thank you all for the caring and welcoming you have given me at vaidyagrama. I am deeply happy and impressed by your Vision, open hearts and your will to give authentic help/ healing to people and Mother Nature. May you all be blessed by the Divine.
Best regards & wishes,
- Richard Liljenberg, Sweden

Vaidyagrāma – this is a place of Vision with the true spirit to heal, for the well-being of humanity, and with the undiluted philosophy of the science of Ayurveda and a balanced sense of ecology. Great atmosphere with constant cheerfulness and kindness of everybody at all times. The aesthetics and greenery outside is truly sustaining. I am sure many people will benefit from the great depth of knowledge of all the Doctors, the experience of the Therapists and the spirit of the staff. I am truly grateful for all that I have received and looking forward to a long continued relationship with this institution.
-  Ms. Nirmala Rudra,
New Delhi